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Looking for a specific Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep or Ram?

We understand how hard it is for you to find the right vehicle during this time when dealerships have such low inventory. But the reality is, you can still get your hands on the exact vehicle you want!

We can help you build the car, truck or SUV of your dreams and then place the order direct with Chrysler! This will give you top priority for receiving a vehicle. Manufacturers have stated that they will focus first on building vehicles for direct consumers over those for dealership inventories. 

Don't delay - the time to order is now so that you can get your order up on the list and avoid an even longer wait. Even more, you can still take advantage of huge discounts and financing offers for new ordered units. 



How to Place A Vehicle Order

Looking to build your perfect vehicle? The process really is simple! At Century DCJR we will work with you to place an order for the exact vehicle you want, no compromises. There is no additional cost to place a custom order. Get a great price and save money when ordering with us. 


You can get an easy trade value through our Edmunds True Market Value trade-in tool, and keep your car until your ordered vehicle arrives. To start the process, complete the Custom Order Form below and one of our dealer representatives will contact you. By completing the form or by working with one of our sales consultants, you can tell us about any of the preferred features, technology, or colors you want in your vehicle. By using this information, our team can assist you with building your perfect vehicle. Once your custom order is placed, your vehicle will be built in one of our factories. We know that some folks might be worried about it taking a long time for the car to be delivered. The wait time is actually dependent on the model you ordered. The good news is that every effort is made to expedite your order. A custom order gets high priority!


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